Everyday Parenting Psychology serves families looking for expert guidance on everyday issues like discipline and daily routines, as well as those seeking more comprehensive clinical support for themselves or their children. 

We offer Developmental & Diagnostic Assessments; Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents & Adults; Parent Guidance; and Prenatal and Postpartum Support.

Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parent Support

Pregnancy is a time of joy as well as vulnerability, and expecting parents may find it helpful to address anxieties about becoming a parent before the new baby arrives. We know that family building can be complicated and are here to support families facing with infertility and loss. In the postpartum period, many parents struggle to meet the expectations set for themselves and their partners. The adjustment may be more difficult than imagined for mothers and fathers (and siblings!).

Some parents have difficulty feeling connected to a new baby – perhaps due to postpartum depression or anxiety, a difficult or traumatic birth experience, or conflicted feelings about what it means to be a parent. Even seasoned parents experience stress that may get in the way of optimal parenting.

We work with women across the lifespan. Women who are seeking their own psychotherapy appreciate working with clinicians who understand infertility, loss, parenting, child development, “the mental load” and life transitions. Individually, as a family, or in a group, we can help you think through logistics, learn to manage stress, and process the complex feelings that come up as your family grows. 

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Infants, Toddlers & Preschool


If your baby is difficult to soothe, having trouble sleeping or feeding, or delayed in meeting milestones, we can help you understand and respond to your baby’s needs. Parents of toddlers often want help managing the frustrating behaviors typical of this age. Some parents wonder if their child’s development is on track and if certain behaviors are “normal.” We offer informal and formal developmental and diagnostic evaluations, and school consultation and advocacy.

Parents of young children often feel frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed. We can support you in learning new ways to parent more empathically and effectively by understanding your child’s unique developmental profile and exploring what you as a parent bring to each interaction. Individually, as a family, or in a group, let us guide you through the overwhelming maze of parenting advice on topics such as sleep, separation, tantrums, transitions, and discipline.

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School Age, Adolescents & Young Adults

Children and adolescents often begin therapy when struggling with overwhelming feelings or difficult behavior at home or school. We do not simply treat symptoms. As we get to know your child and understand her struggles, we will share our observations and insights, and support your efforts to respond to your child’s behavior empathically and effectively. We also collaborate with pediatricians, teachers, and other important figures in your child’s life. In addition to therapy, we offer informal and formal developmental and diagnostic evaluations, and school consultation and advocacy.

We work together to address issues such as:

•  adjustment difficulty (e.g., new school)
•  anxiety
•  autism spectrum disorder*
•  challenging behavior (e.g., tantrums, aggression)
•  depression
•  developmental delays
•  expressing and regulating emotions
•  family changes (e.g., divorce, new sibling)
•  high sensitivity
•  learning differences (e.g., ADHD)
•  loss and trauma
•  routines (e.g., bedtime, homework)
•  social skills
•  twice exceptional (2e) profile

For older adolescents and young adults, treatment is individualized often addresses difficulties related to school, life transitions and important relationships.

*For young children with developmental delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), parents are taught to interact with their child in a way that promotes treatment goals such as social communication and pretend play skills. With two decades of combined experience with ASD, our psychologists are familiar with relationship-based and behavioral interventions, and have conducted evaluations and treatment in Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education. For parents wondering about a potential ASD diagnosis, we offer a comprehensive evaluation including the ADOS.

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